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professor hunter

The Panman is the passion project of
Tim Pilleri (Bucket Of Blood Films)

If you would like more information, please contact Tim via

Thanks for watching.

panman photos

Posters and "Panman-ized" Artwork

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panman poster image

panman poster image

panman wanted poster image
Panman Wanted

uncle panman image
Uncle Panman
panman poster image
panman bw poster image
panman kitchen image
In The Kitchen
panman in nyc image
panman on a skyscraper image
panman sam adams image
Panman Sam
panman gothic image
Panman Gothic
panman rockwell image
Panman Rockwell
king panman image
King Panman
panman magritte image
Panman Magritte
panman manet image
Panman Manet
Vitruvian Panman image
Vitruvian Panman
panman hieroglyph image
Ancient Hieroglyphic
*Disclaimer:   All artwork shown has been made for entertainment purposes only. Any images used and/or shared likeness from other sources are the property of their respectful owners. They are not available for reproduction.