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professor hunter

The Panman is the passion project of
Tim Pilleri (Bucket Of Blood Films)

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Panman is a demon chef with the recipe for murder. As people start to disappear, a custard professor, and a few of his students, band together to try and stop PANMAN.

In the beginning, Panman seems to be a vicious killer with a pan in his hand and a craving for fresh victims, but we soon find out he has a thirst for something more, LOVE. Lurking on the other side of town is a grizzled culinary professor who is hell bent on forming an assassination squad to kill Panman once and for all.

The Professor and his hunters are able to infiltrate Panman's love life and cause disastrous results. Once Panman's girl is gone and his heart is broken, he goes on a one-pan-man killing spree exacting revenge on the Professor and his students.